Keynotes |Workshops

Steven offers a variety of engagements to his clients that are customized to fit each organization or team’s unique needs. A selection of foundational frameworks are listed below.  Our workshops are effective because they inspire new ways of thinking, leverage individual | team talent and drive authentic employee engagement.

Keynotes | Workshops: (intensive, individualized,  4 hour and 8 hour training modules)

  •  “Talent-Based Leadership“: Accentuate individual talent and energize the workforce. Learn how to create a culture that unleashes untapped discretionary energy.  We teach how to understand unspoken employee needs and motivators.
  •  “Strengths-Based Sales Team Experience“: increase individual sales performance, sustain motivation, improve team trust and communication. Managers and team members discover new strategies and actions for winning while having fun.
  •  “Talent-Based Teams“:  leverage complementary partnerships and drive individual and team performance. Learn how to combine different individual talent and skill sets for better communication and stronger business results.
  •  “Keep Your Best“: how to retain, engage and energize your best performers for winning.
  • 20,000 Moments“: powerful ideas and strategies for transforming professional relationships in the workplace.  Real individual and team engagement happens at the intersection of trust, caring, and authentic communication.

On-Site Coaching

  • Team: “Brief Coaching”: Dynamic group coaching that drives individual and group insights “in the moment”
  • Best Practice Coaching: Learn how to quickly shift relationships for greater outcomes

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